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Instrument and Control Engineering Services

Sverdrup Engineering Services can design, specify and program a control system that fits your needs. We have designed and implemented control and monitoring systems for mining operations, industrial process facilities, automotive lines, semiconductor fabs, water treatment and distribution.

The secret of success for an effective instrument and control system is in the definition of the system.

We will spend the time with you up front to clearly understand:

  • The process or equipment that you are trying to control

  • What you expect your system to do

  • The network type and how you want to access the data collected by the system

  • The project budget and the operating expenses of the system

  • The personnel, equipment and environmental safety requirements of your facility

  • The governing codes that pertain to your plant, such as the National Electric Code, NFPA, MSHA, etc.

  • The vendors and equipment that you prefer to use

It is our sincere goal to help you make your instrument and control project successful and meet your defined expectations.

Our services include:

  • Development of the Functional Specification of a system

  • A Functional Specification for a control system contains a verbal description of the process or machine, the goals of the project, a detailed description of how the system will operate, HMI screens, network communications parameters, control and instrument specifications, etc

  • Programming and configuration of PLCs, the DCS and instruments

  • Tuning and calibration of instrument and control loops, whether it involves temperature, flow, pressure, level and so on

  • System qualification, testing, commissioning and start-up

  • Operational training and system maintenance training

  • A compilation of an electronic library of user manuals, specifications and software that is used for any equipment installed


We have experience with all of the dominant system controller manufacturers and the applicable software.


  • ControlLogix PAC (programmable automation controller)

  • CompactLogix PAC

  • SLC 500 PLC (programmable logic controller)

  • MicroLogix PLC

  • Rockwell Automation RSLogix 5000, RSLogix 500, RSView32, FactoryTalk View software

  • PanelView Plus HMI


  • SIMATIC S7 modular controllers


National Instruments

  • LabVIEW


  • Modicon Logic Controllers

  • ProWORX 32


  • Omron CJ1 Programmable Controller


Of course, a knowledge of instrument and control platforms and software isn't much good without an understanding of industrial networks. We provide network architecture definition and specification, including configuration of switches and devices, and implementation of cybersecurity protocols and practices.